Ski Shop & Boot Fitting

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Ski Shop & Custom Boot Fitting

There are lots of places to get good gear.  Salida Mountain Sports backs up our selection with great service and knowledge.  Is that discount internet site going to mount your skis for you?  Didn’t think so…
We have years of experience mounting and tuning Telemark, AT and Nordic skis.  We can mount your bindings securely, in the right spot, and keep your sliding devices of choice running fast and smooth.  We offer many levels of tune, from just a good deep hand hotwax, to a basic edge and wax, to a full stone grind on our Wintersteiger Micro 80 stone grinder.
Properly mounted and tuned skis are important, but how can you enjoy them if your feet are killing you?  Getting the right boot for your intended use and foot shape is important. Let our Masterfit University certified boot fitters help you select the right boot.  We’ll also spend the time needed to properly thermo-mold the liner to take care of your specific fit needs.
A good boot fit starts with a good foundation. We can improve your skiing comfort and performance with a pr. of Masterfit Quickbeds custom footbeds. These get shaped exactly to the profile of your feet, giving you the proper support to ski in a balanced, natural position, with less effort and fatigue. We are still big fans of Superfeet, which are great for the price. But now we can take foot support to the next level with Masterfit custom footbeds.
If you have an older pair of boots, we can extend their life by making a new thermo liner for them.  This is cheaper than a new pair of boots, and may be all you need.
Questions? Email us at [email protected]